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Use our platform to not only create courses, but track and manage learners, and set up e-commerce for additional income

MicroDegree Program

Have your employees take a customized MicroDegree, and put them on the path to gaining relevant credentials in their industry


Gain valuable insights from your learners. Like how many hours they spend on their program, what devices they’re using, how fast they are clicking through content and much more

Why Us?

Engaged Staff + Lower Turnover + Ability to Attract Great Talent + Flexible, Low Cost, Job-Related Training
Affordable Education programs built to recruit, develop, and retain talent

Your enterprise university would include carefully selected groups of job related courses that provide your employees with a structured education path. The courses selected can include courses provided by your organization and/or can be made up of third-party courses and materials that already exist in the MOOCDOM. These programs are a "must have" for essential skills training and on-boarding. Each MicroDegree is made affordable and flexible by leveraging massive open online courses. Traditional education can be expensive and ineffective for continued learning in the workplace. With Edevate, your employees, clients, and applicants will have access to on demand learning that you can track and reward.


    Enroll your applicants into our education programs in order to assess them further in the hiring process, so that when it's time to make a decision on a new hire, you have a solid understanding of their skill set. Talent acquisition is already troublesome for most organizations. Attract the best applicants by putting them on a path to a MicroDegree.

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    With the MicroDegree, custom MicroDegree, or individual courses, organizations are able to develop on-demand programs that cut the cost of continuing education. More importantly, the path to an accredited MicroDegree puts the student on a track to success.


    Our MicroDegrees are typically 12 months in length. In order for a qualified member of your staff to complete this program, they will need stay on board for a minimum of 12 months.

Memberships and Accreditation

Overall the completion of a MicroDegree credential parallels the time commitment of a semester of undergraduate upper level courses
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